The Redfish World Series

The most prestigious redfish competition, Redfish World Series is the ONLY event in the world that brings the top redfish anglers together – by invitation only – for a fierce four-day competition to find the true Redfish World Champion!

Only 48 redfish teams from will be invited to compete in this exclusive annual redfish tournament, representing competition tours from North Carolina down to Texas, and every coastal area in between.

The highest performing teams from the Inshore Fishing Association, Rudy’s Pro Redfish Series, Power Pole Pro Redfish Series, Elite Redfish Series, Southern Redfish Cup Series, Saltwater Angler Redfish Series, and a Wild Card Division will be invited, making the Redfish World Series the only redfish competition with a national venue and exposure.

National Redfish Ranking System

We are designing, creating, and releasing a National Ranking System that ranks redfish teams from every tour on a national basis. These rankings are then used to qualify teams for the next Redfish World Series. Check out our rankings page for more info.

Redfish Festival

The Redfish World Series is also hosting our very own Redfish Festival, a music and culinary event attended by tens of thousands of patrons. The Redfish Festival allows us to further our Sponsors’ exposure by giving them the opportunity for face to face interaction with the crowd.

There has never been a competition with this scale of redfishing talent, competing in this type of venue, for a goal of this magnitude. We are setting an unparalleled precedent for numbers of impressions and sustained interest. Join us and find out if you’re the true Redfish World Champion!

The first Redfish World Series fishing tournament will be held on September 26-29, 2019 in the world-renowned capitol of redfish – St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.