2020 Redfish World Series


Congratulations to all of the competitors of the 2020 Redfish World Series! Below are the final rankings for the 2020 event:

  1. Eddie Adams and Sean O’Connell
  2. Chad Harvey and Keary Melancon
  3. Josh Hall and Mitchell Chevalier
  4. Bobby Weir and Matt Schoen
  5. Hank Edwards and Ian Mathews
  6. Fred Myers and Britt Ordes
  7. Kevin Harvey and Kelly Dupre
  8. Todd McKellar and Bart Crader
  9. Danny Payne and Jake Haynes
  10. Charlie Barton and Cody Barton
  11. Paul Dufrene and Travis Land
  12. Chandler Altman and Joe Wortham
  13. Kevin Akin and Jimmy Lloyd
  14. Shane Pescay and Nicky Savoie
  15. Jeremy Heimes and Mickey Gibbs
  16. Rennie Clark and Ashley Lowder
  17. Derek Engle and Darren Frost
  18. Chuck McKinney and Tony Gagliano
  19. Cole Starr and Brent Juarez
  20. Michael Cowart and Mark Cowart
  21. Justin Ownby and Patrick Marsonek
  22. Ronnie Pitts and Chris Rosengarten
  23. Austin Angel and Lance Reynolds
  24. Gus Wilson and Gary Wilson
  25. Ken Mullett and Steven Howie
  26. Freddy Frederick and Trey Fournier
  27. Paul Braly and Bartt Caron
  28. Matt Stennett and Chris Evans
  29. Larry Rowell and Justin Lowery
  30. Jimmy Pausche and Scott O’Brien
  31. Kris Robert and Fred Peterman
  32. James Alexander and Monica Alexander
  33. Bo Favre and Justin Ladner
  34. Jimmy Adams and Angela Adams
  35. Josh Galt and John Panepinto
  36. Mike Frenette and Michael Frenette
  37. Patrick Tabor and Jason Geigenmiller
  38. Garret Lacy and Zachary Mahosky
  39. Jason Dail and Allen Jernigan
  40. Derek Taylor and Brian Goude
  41. Joey Romero and Jesse Romero
  42. Mason Lincoln and Melissa Lincoln
  43. Copeland More and Michael Rogal
  44. Chris Calhoun and Brandon Modisette
  45. Casey Brunning and Ty Hibbs
  46. Jeff Rogers and Luke Landry
  47. Chance Angel and Kevin Roberts
  48. Lawrence Sanchez and Bill Coleman
  49. Sam Roberts and Chase Daniel
  50. John Roberts and Mike Taylor