2021 RWS Golden Qualifier

July 30-31, 2021

Myrtle Grove, Louisiana

2021 RWS Qualifying (Total 50 Teams)

  1. Teams already qualified from 2020 (23)
  2. Redfish Madness (2)
  3. Golden Ticket Qualifier (6-10)
  4. Additional teams from the top 25 of the 2020 RWS (6-8)
  5. Power Pole Championship (2)
  6. Wild Card Selections (5-9)

Here is how it works. First, there will be a Special Gold Qualifier event for the 2021 Redfish World Series. This will be a unique event in that there will be a combined structured payout tier as well as Golden Ticket awards. A Golden Ticket is a Paid entry into the 2021 RWS!

After the Gold Qualifier is completed, the remaining spots will be filled as noted in numbers 4,5, and 6 above.


Golden Tickets* to the 2021 Redfish World Series will be awarded as follows:

 20-29 entries = 3 Golden Tickets + 3 Invites

30-39 entries = 4 Golden Tickets + 4 invites

40-99 entries = 5 Golden Tickets + 5 invites

*A Golden Ticket is a Paid Invitation to the 2021 RWS and is valid only for the 2021 RWS and only for the specific team that wins the Ticket. If a team winning a Golden Ticket chooses not to participate in the 2021 RWS their Paid entry is nonrefundable but may be transferable.

Location & Dates

Myrtle Grove Marina, Plaquemines parish.

 Entries & Payout Structure

Entry fee for the event is $800.00 and will be distributed as follows:

  1. $750.00 will be added to the prize pool
  2. $  50.00 will go toward the expense pool
  3. Example: If 40 teams are entered ($30,000 prize pool) all Five Golden Tickets are funded and the payout would be to the top 10 places as follows:

  1. Golden Ticket + $7,000
  2. Golden Ticket + $2,000
  3. Golden Ticket + $1,000
  4. Golden Ticket + $ 800
  5. Golden Ticket + $ 600
  6. $1,300 + Invite
  7. $1,200 + Invite
  8. $1,100 + Invite
  9. Invite
  10. Invite

For all other payouts with entries from 20 and up the tier payout will be similarly calculated with additional spots being paid per five entries. The number of Golden Tickets will not exceed Five (5) regardless of the number of entries to the Qualifier. The Official Payout will be posted July 27.


Captains Meeting


There will be a Mandatory Captains Meeting at 5 PM on the Thursday (July 29) before the event at Myrtle Grove Marina. At least one member of each team must attend. There will be beverages, a Calcutta, and a Big Bag Pot at the meeting. Boat numbers will be issued at the Capt Meeting. The entries to the Calcutta ($200 – one payout, 1 in 5 paid) and Big Bag ($200 – two payouts, ½ on day 1 and ½ on day 2) will be CASH ONLY and entries will be collected until 6:30 PM.



  1. All entries are due by midnight Monday, July 26th
  2. Entry fee is $800.00 per team
  3. Calcutta is $200.00 (cash only) at the Capt Meeting and is paid out as 1 in 5 at the completion of the event.
  4. Big Bag is $200.00 (cash only) at the Capt Meeting and is paid 50% to Day 1 winner and 50% to day 2 winner.
  5. No limit to practice days.
  6. However, beginning at first light July 19, 2021 and continuing through the conclusion of the Golden Ticket Qualifier anglers cannot share, give, or receive, information including, but not limited to, lures, techniques, location of fish, and/or navigational information with any person or persons, including any other Golden Ticket participant, except their team partner. In this regard, anglers cannot loan a boat or be loaned a boat with navigational equipment on board that is not removable or can be disabled. During this period, no other person other than your partner can be on the boat with you unless approved by RWS management.
  7. All competitors must be off the water by 4 PM Thursday July 29, 2021.
  8. No communication by any means during tournament hours except for emergency situations.
  9. Launch at 7 AM
  10. Return by 3:30 PM. Late returns disqualify that day’s weight.
  • Scales open at 2:00 PM
  • Creel Limit:
    1. Friday – Three (3) Slot Fish – may not exceed 27 inches.
    2. Saturday – Three (3) Slot Fish – may not exceed 27 inches.
  • All other rules are the same as those posted on the RWS website redfishworldseries.com under sections III,IV,VI,VII, and IX-XVIII (3,4,6,7,and 9-18)

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