The Redfish World Series tournament and Redfish Festival have grown exponentially since their inception just a few months ago.

I had hoped that we could just have a nice tournament. I had hoped that we could find a way to host it in such a way that the participating anglers would be treated like the celebrities they are. I had hoped that we could find local support and assistance with the events. I had hoped that the anglers would embrace the idea. Now, all that and so much more has come to pass with the support and notoriety growing daily. The St Bernard parish government has been nothing short of extraordinary in their support of the events. Without their excitement and belief in what we are building we could not, and would not, be where we are today.

It is important to me that we recognize the hard work, dedication, and skill that goes into becoming one of the top performing teams in the country.

I have been out there competing for over 20 years and the fatigue, the heartbreak, the expense, the time away from home, the long days on strange waters – all are still pretty fresh in my mind. Dedication should be rewarded. Passion should be recognized. Skill should be celebrated.

And, we are going to just that!

The Captains’ Banquet is going to be the initial thrust in the campaign to make the competing anglers feel special. The entire civic center auditorium will be decorated like a ballroom. White linen tablecloths, gold chairs, designated seating, a catered meal with servers, open bar, and attendance by high profile political figures as well as the sponsors of the RWS will make this a very special event in itself.

The finale will be nothing short of spectacular. On the main festival stage on Sunday afternoon, when the first ever World Champions are announced, the celebration that is planned will be absolutely stunning! I am hoping the anglers that are not in the Gold Division will stick around to see it all happen and celebrate the championship with their competitors, fans, families, and festival crowd.

The buzz surrounding the first RWS is making its way throughout the industry. More and more companies are hearing about the tournament and calls are already coming in regarding sponsorship in 2020. And, I believe after the first one is documented and circulated across various media platforms, the interest will be even higher.