The Professional Redfish League (PRL) recently acquired Redfish World Series (RWS) in an effort to unify the sport of competitive redfishing. “We are super excited to expand and grow our portfolio,” said Ron Henne, Jr., Professional Redfish League. “This is a big move for our organization. Acquiring the Redfish World Series created an opportunity for us to convert our National Championship into the Redfish World Series.”

Since its inception in 2019, the Redfish World Series has been recognized as the most prestigious redfish competition in the world, bringing together the top redfish anglers in the country. The fierce four-day competition determines the true Redfish World Champion. After only two years, the Redfish World Series gained worldwide recognition as one of the world’s most important fishing tournaments with inclusion in Robert “Fly” Navarro’s book BEST CATCH 2020 celebrating the best fishing tournaments from Canada to Chile.

“This is a win-win for the sport of redfishing,” said Mark ‘Gritter’ Griffin, Redfish World Series founder. “My dream of elevating redfishing to the level of professionalism it deserves has come true. The PRL team did a great job building a strong qualifying platform from Texas to Florida and this just makes sense.”

Griffin, will continue to be an integral part of the production as RWS Master of Ceremonies.

In 2022, anglers who are members of the Professional Redfish League will be eligible to compete as a team towards Divisional Team of the Year and qualify to compete in the Professional Redfish League Redfish World Series. Divisional Team of the Year competitors’ cumulative weight for each division plus the total weight from the first two days of the Redfish World Series determines the winner in each division. Teams must fish three divisional events or three divisional events plus an additional tournament (depending on commitment) to be invited to compete in the Professional Redfish League Redfish World Series.

“Hearing of this new acquisition gives me a confident feeling that both PRL & RWS are united together for growth and commitment to the future vision of professional redfishing,” says Capt. Graham Taylor, a professional tournament angler from Florida.

“This really shows the dedication to the sport of redfishing and the anglers that support it,” said Dwayne Eschete, 2021 PRL National Champion from Texas. “This wasn’t anything the PRL ‘needed’ to do (acquiring the RWS), they already had an extraordinary tournament trail. Now, this makes an even bigger statement, they want to be bigger and better in the tournament world. The anglers are the winners in this purchase!”

Sponsored by Majek Boats, Mercury Marine, Power-Pole (JL Marine), Lithium Pros, Redtail Republic, Yamaha, and many others, the Professional Redfish League is comprised of four divisions (Texas South, Texas Southeast, Florida, & Louisiana). Each division hosts three two-day events for a total of 12 national competition venues. Teams may fish in any division and as many events as they wish and weights accumulated stay in the Division. Fifteen qualifying tournaments combined with over 200 teams, compete to make their way to the Professional Redfish League Redfish World Series.

Competitions begin in January 2022 and end in September 2022. The top-ranked teams will earn an invitation to the 2022 Professional Redfish League Redfish World Series. All of the events are team events and only competing teams that are members of the PRL will be able to qualify for the Professional Redfish League in September/October. The Redfish World Series is the most prestigious and most sought-after accomplishment in the redfish fishing tournament circuit.

About the Professional Redfish League:
The Professional Redfish League is an organization designed to build, grow, and unify the sport of competitive redfishing. It was created to build an infrastructure expressly for the unification and camaraderie of competitive redfish events. The supervision, management, and operations and its entire structure are under the direct control of its Board of Directors whom design, develop and strategically configure the national competitive redfishing events, ensuring they are unprecedented and authentic. With a structure that is based on honesty, integrity, fair play, and professionalism in all matters, its sole purpose is building, promoting, and advancing the sport of competitive redfishing on a national level. This structure legitimizes the sport and the industry leaders that support it. The unified framework across all events utilizes the same rules, formats, methods of measurement, weighing, payback structure, and production thereby creating a truly level playing field for competitive redfish anglers across the country.

The Professional Redfish League determines its champions through end-of-year standings and a systematic playoff championship, Redfish World Series that is comprised of four Divisions and a Grand Finale. Each Division holds three qualifying events annually. Qualified teams from four divisions remain for the Grand Finale of the Professional Redfish League season. The Redfish World Series is the Grand Finale to every year; the biggest league sporting event in redfishing, and it is where the World Champions are crowned.