February 27, 2019 2:20 AM – I can’t sleep because of all the noise from the thunderstorms rolling across southern Louisiana tonight. The dogs are nervous and whining, the rain is beating a serious tattoo on the roof, I’m thinking of the five dozen threads I need to pick up tomorrow to continue this quest to build something important, and I’m trying to remember why the Redfish World Series came into being.

Somewhere in the midst of that reverie it came to me that the World Series was inevitable. It was simply going to happen whether I did it or someone else did. It is nothing more than the natural progression of the growth and recognition of a fledgling sport – the production of an event that defines that sport and its future. It began as an idea to promote competitive redfishing and somehow bring all the madness to a place where it means something – so that it becomes important,

Important in every way to every competitive angler and to every competitive venue. Important enough to be the catalyst in the unification of this sport. That’s the real dream you know – to watch this entire sport gel into something big, something permanent. To be a part of helping that happen gives me chill bumps sometimes.

I dream of a day when corporate support for this industry extends far outside the boundaries of fishing and boating products. I dream of a day when the hot bright lights of the cameras record the drama, the adversity, the courage, the intellect, and the intense struggle that occurs when a group of the best anglers in the country come together to wage a war with each other and with the elements to determine who will be recognized as the best in the world that year.

I dream of a competition played fairly and on even ground where there is no step forward except by the innate skills of the anglers. A field of play so pure and so simply designed that skill and strategy rule the day. A contest that is no longer about gaining an unfair advantage with illicit information and techniques. It would be a clash of titans. An intense trial of knowledge, skill, determination, and desire.

But enough for now. There is just so much to do and so little time.